Suomi and Studio

This weekend was spent in Turku, Finland with The Genuine Fakes. We got invited by a powerpop club called Flavor of the Month (named after the Posies song) and took the ferry across the Baltic Sea. It was our first gig outside of Sweden and to our surprise it was one of the best gigs we’ve had. We hadn’t done a proper gig since our release party in January so we thought we’d be pretty rusty, but all those years of grinding in the rehearsal studio have paid off, ’cause it certainly didn’t feel like eight months had passed between gigs. We were very well received by the audience and a lot of people came up to us afterwards and told us it was the best gig they’d ever seen on that club. One person even went so far as saying it was one of the top ten gigs he’d ever seen anywhere! Makes me proud as hell over the band. Hopefully we’ll be going over there soon again and play one of the bigger clubs in town.

We also got acquainted with two Finnish acts; The Sugarrush and The Wonderminers. They both put on good shows, and I was particularly impressed by Petri in The Wonderminers whose vocals and guitar playing had a certain Jeff Buckley-esque quality. He also was kind enough to film us when we did Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”. Check it out below.

This week I’m moving into a new studio. It feels great to get out of the apartment and get a more controlled environment to work in. It will also enable more frequent work on the next Genuine Fakes album. We haven’t gotten as far as I’d wished at this point in time, but I think that we will be able to make some headway now. All the drum tracks are done, so now we just have to work through the songs one by one. We aim for a May 2012 release, so we best get crackin’!

Suomi and Studio

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