Johan is the only solo artist of his kind in Sweden, using the piano as the main driving tool to convey his music through its pop and rock style. In short, Johan isn’t just another singer/songwriter with a broken heart and a guitar, but rather an artist who contributes something unique and different with keyboards as the communicating tool.

He is currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, but the road there was long. Johan grew up in the industrial town of Grycksbo, a couple of hours drive north of the capital. For many years he played in different bands, trying out a wide variety of genres along the way. Eventually the family moved overseas and after three years in an American high school and a great number of gigs as a blues guitarist it was time to move back to native Sweden and pursue a career in the flourishing Swedish music business. Johan decided to start fresh and moved to the rock city of Hultsfred in the southern part of Sweden to study music management. It was during this time that the solo project started to take shape, and he decided to focus on the more piano based part of his musical repertoire that had not found a proper place in earlier band constellations.

During the 21st century Johan has continuously toured around Sweden and showed his talents as an artist and songwriter. He’s played gigs alongside Ron Sexsmith and Jon Auer (The Posies) as well as many of the big Swedish acts such as Kristofer Åström, Stefan Sundström, Jose Gonzalez and Elin Sigvardsson. In 2003 he performed at the prestigious Hultsfred Festival alongside many international acts.

“Put Eddie Vedder, Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel, and Radiohead’s Thom York together and out of the blender comes Johan Bergqvist.”

Johan is currently in the process of writing and recording songs for the next full length album. At the same time he’s fronting powerpop band The Genuine Fakes, and playing with other bands and artists such as Hong FauxFriska Viljornutmeg and Karl Martindahl.